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Website Translation and Localization

Whether your business is small, medium or large, you do not want to miss the market opportunity in Korea.

Korean website translationKorea is one of the most Internet-wired countries in the world. Having your website translated into Korean can open the door to new opportunities for your business.

A well translated website will enable you to communicate with your Korean audience. Our team of Korean translators will help you to translate and localize your service or product.

Korean Translation has the professional skills, cultural insight, understanding and technical background that enable companies to reach their target audience. Specializing in nothing but the Korean language, Ktranslation, with its experience and expertise, guarantees to provide professional website translation that will help you to promote your business in Korea and beyond.

In addition to website translation, we can assist you in the field of SEO- search engine optimization. The right set of Korean keywords will send the web traffic to your site and help you achieve success.

Did you know that website translation is not limited to the translation of viewable content?

Website translation should include translation of error messages, pop-up alerts, page titles and descriptions, keywords and HTML code. These elements are crucial for your site visibility, so they cannot be omitted during the translation process. Korean Translation understands the importance of translating and localizing all the visible and hidden elements of a website. Our team of graphic designers will help your business during translation and localization of images and graphics. We have the knowledge and expertise to assist and advise you during the process of translating your website into Korean.

With KTranslation on your side, you can be certain that your Korean audience will feel at home while visiting you website.

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