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Korean interpretation over the phone

Korean over the phone interpretation is the most convenient and economical way to bridge the barrier between English and Korean.

Although English has recently become the major language of business, commerce and international politics, not everyone has a strong command of English or knows the language. Therefore, using an interpreter to communicate your need or ideas is a common practice in the international business world. If your Korean counterpart or supplier does not speak English, our translation company provides you with a convenient and economical solution – KTranslation’s Phone Interpretation services.

Unlike traditional interpreters, a phone interpreter doesn't need to be physically present at your location. For that reason, using our Korean to English and English to Korean phone interpretation services will save you at least 50% of the on site interpretation cost.

Korean Translation provides you superior phone interpretation services.

Before initiating the phone call, our professional interpreter takes time to familiarize him/herself with the subject or the issue that will be discussed during the phone conversation. All the research is done at the pre-phone interpretation stage. To ensure clear communication our team of professional interpreters will not only help you overcome the language barrier, but also assist you in many other areas including formulating strategies and advising on cross cultural matters.

Even though we say "Korean interpretation over-the-phone," due to advances in technology the communication doesn't have to be limited to the telephone. Korean Translation helps its client’s initiate video and voice conference by using VoIP technology such as Skype.

Korean Over-the-Phone Interpretation services are available 24h. A team of top-notch interpreters specializing in medical, legal, financial, and business fields are on your side to help you to bridge the language gap and minimize possible costly misunderstandings. Your over-the-phone interpretation service will be guaranteed with as little as 2-days notice.

Korean interpretation over the phone fees

Inbound $2/minute (Option 2 - Refer to the chart on the left side)
Outbound $3/minute (Option 1 - Refer to the chart on the left side)

Click the above "Buy Now" button and pay the minimum order charge of $59 to book a Korean Phone Interpretation appointment!

1. The minimum charge is only $59 for the most professional Korean interpretation services over the phone;

2. No appointment can be confirmed before the minimum payment is fully paid via the above "Buy Now" button;;

3. Once received your minimum payment, an interpreter will be assigned and he/she is guaranteed to be available to provide you phone interpretation services at the indicated time.

4. The minimum charge will NOT be refunded if the schedule is changed, cancelled or postponed within 24 hour notice. We will not provide refund/credit if one party is NOT available, can't be reached, or constant busy line at the prearranged time;

5. All telecommunication charges and taxes are included, if applies.

If you wish to know more or have questions about our Korean teleconference interpretation service, please contact us.

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