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Korea, with its established, steady and attractive market, offers endless business opportunities. However, taking your business overseas requires careful and strategic planning. One of the biggest expansion challenges are the nuances related to government institutions, cultural differences and language. Koreans are very particular when it comes to negotiating; they also have different way of sealing the deal. While Westerners place great value on written contracts, Koreans, on the contrary, perceive contracts as general agreements, which enumerate what has been agreed upon while still leaving room for flexibility. Therefore, modern and sophisticated Korea is not equivalent to Western world. The differences in culture, social interactions and traditions are tangible even in business.

KTranslation provides the platform for both the present or future success of your business. We help small companies and corporate clients to fulfill their English to Korean business translation needs. Our Korean translation team specializes in the fields of finance, law, marketing, human resources, advertising and public relations. To meet high accuracy and quality standards each document translated by us is doubled-checked for grammar, punctuation and style before being given back to the clients.

Concise spoken or written communication is a cornerstone of any business relationship. KTranslation is your English to Korean, Korean to English translation partner. We translate and adapt business documents so they meet foreign market standards. If you require assistance with spoken communication, please visit our Over-the-Phone Korean Interpretation Services. We will help you to overcome the language barrier.

KTranslation - Korean Translation Services:

Korean Website Translation
KTranslation has vast experience translating and localizing websites between English and Korean language pair.

Certified Korean Translation
Certified translation of birth certifiactes, marriage certificates, police clearances, diplomas and other legal and academic documents.

Machine Translation
Free machine translation. Allows you to translate your document into multiple languages.