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Business Card Translation

business card Korean translations A business card is an important marketing tool that not only gives your name and phone number but also introduces you, your business, or your company to the potential partner. Having your business card translated into Korean helps you reach your audience and demonstrates a sincere interest and understanding of the foreign market.

Korean society, based on collectivism, is very hierarchical compared to the Western world. Social status is a notion of paramount importance when doing business in Korea, as people always want to deal with person of equal or higher "importance." The initial determination of this social status is done during exchange of business card at your first meeting.

Therefore, if you are planning to expand into the Korean market, you will need your business card translated into Korean.

We have several different pricing options, depending on whether you only need text translation, or a ready-to-print business card file.

Note: Your translations will be delivered by e-mail.

Economy Package - $28.99 per business card

Plain business card in either TXT or Ms-Word format, no logo
Company name, Name and contact information only, no slogan
Speedy delivery, 2-3 business days.

Value Package - $52.99 per business card

Business card formatted in a graphic design program, a logo (optional)
Company, cardholder name and contact information, no tag line
Speedy delivery, usually within 2-3 business days.
Deliver in your format of choice (high resolution PDF or EPS)

Gold Package - $89.99 per business card

Business card formatted with a graphic design program, a logo (optional)
Company, cardholder name and contact information
Slogan, Tag line translated
Speedy delivery, usually within 1-2 business days.
We will deliver in your format of choice (high resolution PDF or outlined EPS recommended)

Additional business card with minor changes such as Names/positions is charged with a flat rate of ONLY $19.99 each; Please contact us for more details.

Two Simple Steps To Get Your Business Card Translated

1. Select a package then click "Buy Now". You can pay use any major credit card; To ensure your privacy and security, we use Google's reliable payment platform;

2. After completing your payment, please e-mail us your business card immediately either in image or text format to: order@KTranslation.com.
(Please make sure to include accurate contact information, so we can reach you if needed.)

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