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To Translate or not to Translate

A guide to using Translation Services

Translation Services

Purchasing translation services for the first time can be a frustrating task. You might wonder what has to be translated. This article intends to clarify some of the dilemmas linked to translation. We will introduce tips, which are useful when deciding on the right service.

*What has to be translated?

A good and common practice is to decide what information contained in the document to be translated are important for the potential client. Once this is established, you can translate only the relevant sections or, create an abridge and concise version of the document in your native language and have this one translated.

*Nonverbal communication- the key to success

Have you noticed that signs, maps, diagrams and pictograms are effectively understood by international audiences? So, if possible, use them to spread you message. Use text only when necessary, or when it is the most powerful means of getting your ideas across.

*Translation style

Except for certified translations, which must be translated word for word, most translations are adaptations of the original document. A good translator, in order to get your message across, must have a good writing ability. Only well-translated and well-adapted documents will have the desired impact on your targeted audience.

*Talk to you translator

Always make sure to let your translator know what the document is for and who the audience is. As you know, websites, manuals, advertisements, brochures and legal documents all differ in style, structure and phrasing. Therefore, you must give your translator all the information, so he or she can prepare an adequate foreign language version of the original text.

*Always translate the document into the right version of the language

Is it British or American English? Simplified or Traditional Chinese? Spanish as spoken in Spain or Mexico? Before purchasing translation contact, your foreign partners to find out who the translation is intended to reach.


To avoid potential mistakes, always arrange for someone to proofread the translated text before distributing it.

*Machine translation- is it reliable?

Unfortunately, the quality of machine translation is far from satisfactory. However, in general it helps when you want to know the gist of the translated text. Later you can decide if the information is valuable enough to be published. If so, a human translation will be required.

Once you apply these tips you will improve your chances of purchasing translation services that fit your needs.

KTranslation - Korean Translation Services:

Korean Website Translation
KTranslation has vast experience translating and localizing websites between English and Korean language pair.

Korean Interpretation over-the-phone
Korean over the phone interpretation is the most convenient and economical way to bridge the barrier between English and Korean.

Machine Translation
Free machine translation. Allows you to translate your document into multiple languages.